Best Rolling Ice Chests For 2018

Rolling Ice Chests are Cool

rolling ice chest blue

Many of us have a small or medium size cooler stashed under the stairs, in the spare bedroom, or maybe, out in the garden shed. They are very handy for keeping a few sodas and sandwiches cool during the couple of hours we may spend at the playground, an afternoon out at the park, or while attending a kid’s ball game. But, these small coolers do have their limitations. They don’t hold a lot, and they don’t keep things cold for very long. If you have a need to keep larger quantities of drinks or food cold and fresh, and if you will be in a more remote location, you may want to consider the purchase of a rolling ice chest.

While there are numerous styles and designs, on the whole, a rolling ice chest pretty much resembles a large cooler on wheels. It does, however, offer some very real advantages over the run of the mill cooler. Two of the main advantages, of course, are it’s larger size, and it’s increased maneuverability. Let’s face it, given the opportunity, most of us tend to pack as much as will fit into the space provided. Lifting a large, heavy, cooler full of ice and soda pop is a sure fire way for a person to pull a muscle, put out their back, or fall and break a leg. A great way to ruin a day at the beach or family reunion. The wheels and handle on a rolling ice chest make it very easy for one person to pull or push the chest into place without having to worry about their bad back or having to wait for another person to come and give them a hand.

Manufactured in holding capacities as high as 82 qt, most rolling ice chests are ruggedly constructed. Some large capacity ice chests are guaranteed to keeps foods cold for many days, even in extremely hot conditions. There are certain models available that are equipped with pneumatic tires. These enable the chest to be quickly and easily drawn over uneven, hilly or rocky terrain.

A rolling ice chest is a great buy for busy families on the go. They are an invaluable item for campers, hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Construction crews, working in rural locations, off the beaten path, and with little or no access to the usual fast food franchises or restaurants would benefit from a well stocked ice chest. A person living in an area that experiences frequent power outages during snow, or ice storms, would definitely have a need for a good sized ice chest in which to transfer perishable foods from the refrigerator. During such times, if kept outside on a covered porch, or in an unheated room, a rolling ice chest could almost serve as temporary, mini refrigerator.

Rolling ice chests are a little more expensive than the regular coolers, but their durability, capacity, and their ability to keep foods colder over a longer period of time, make the extra cost well worthwhile.