These chests are made with solid, high quality mahogany and have overall dimensions (not including handles and bottle opener) of 38.5″H x 39″L x 18.5″W.  Inside dimensions of the storage area are 18″H x 35″L x 14.5″W. Primary framing is constructed using 2″ x 2.25″ solid beams and the paneling consists of 3/4″ planks.  All visible joints are precisely connected using biscuit joints and high tensile strength wood glue.  The lid and base are joined using custom-cut mahogany dowel pins for extra strength and a touch of elegance.  The finish consists of careful sanding techniques and multiple coats of polyurethane for beautifully visible grain, thick strong coat and smooth touch that is water resistant and sure to wow.

The interior storage of each chest is completely lined on all sides, including the cover, with shiny solid 1/16″ copper.  The tub (sides and bottom) are meticulously soldered together for an air-tight seal to prevent any leaks and the bottom of the tub has drainage assistance grooves that lead to the drain.

The surrounding of the copper tub is lined with 1″ Poly Shield insulation to keep your contents ice cold.  The insulation also aids in stabilizing the walls and floor of the copper tub.

3 handles are built into the chest; 1 in the lid and 2 on either side.  They are all solid brass and bolted to primary frame boards to ensure you will always have a sturdy grip when moving the chest or opening the cover.

The drainage valve is a heavy duty plumbing-grade ball valve with a threaded end that fits standard garden hoses so you can hook your chest up to an external drainage location.

Since the lid is constructed with heavy solid mahogany and copper, it can be heavy for the average person to open.  This is why the lid has 2 hydraulic lift supports to assist you in opening the lid and accessing your contents.

Included in your Original Jarno Ice Chest is a removable mahogany cutting board and drink holder that both sit inside the chest at the top of the copper tub.  They slide from left to right to make grabbing your contents easy and are designed so that you can close the lid to your chest while they are still inside.  The cutting board comes thoroughly sanded and seasoned with a butcher block conditioner that contains food-grade mineral oil and natural waxes.  The cup holder is sanded and oiled to bring out the color of the mahogany.

The built-in solid brass bottle opener is secured to the 3/4″ mahogany planks ensuring your bottle caps will pull off with minimal effort.

The chest is designed so that signs of aging are minimal, but to further guarantee the long-lasting beauty of the piece, a maintenance kit comes with it which includes copper cleaner, brass cleaner and cutting board conditioner.  This is absolutely one of the best ice chests you can buy.

Considering the weight of the lid and our goal of constructing a chest that will withstand many years of use, a full-length piano hinge seemed to be the only proper choice that would allow continually smooth opening and closing.  Since the hinge runs across the entire rear of the chest, lid wobbling or binding is not an issue.

The chest cover is custom fitted to the design using marine-grade boat canvas and fits so perfectly that your chest will look great even when not in use.  Even though your chest is water resistant and built like Fort Knox, the cover leaves no part of your chest in the open so you are fully protected from the elements of mother nature.

Each chest comes with a built-in solid brass logo plate that is engraved with the number of your chest.  Yours is truly a unique collectible at the same time as being a fully-functional work of art.

Underneath Storage:
Not only will you be able to store your mahogany cutting board and cup holder inside the main chest compartment like you can now, you will have a dedicated area for keeping items like these underneath the main compartment.

Stainless Steel Casters:
To allow for easier transportation and/or just moving your Original Jarno Ice Chest from one side of your pool to another, the legs will have built in stainless steel casters that will enable you to smoothly roll your chest around.

If you have an idea that might enhance the functionality or beauty of The Original Jarno Ice Chest, please let us know.